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How to Sell Your Product or Service When it’s NOT the Cheapest

It just makes sense that you'll get more business when your product or service is the cheapest, right? But what happens when you're significantly higher than your competitors. Are you going to get shut out of the market? Often these days there is … [Continue reading]

Want an Easy Way to Sell? Try eBay

A while back I was talking with a 70 year-old grandmother who happened to mention she is a PowerSeller on eBay. She's been selling on eBay for several years and makes a good full-time income doing it. What do you sell? I asked her. "Anything I can … [Continue reading]

Door to Door Sales Might Be YOUR Ticket

Door to door sales -- or canvassing as it's officially called -- scares the dickens out of most people. But I've found some folks get really excited about telling their story to as many people as they can, including going through a neighborhood and … [Continue reading]

Working Wonders With Difficult Customers

Mr. Grouchy is the first call of your morning. "Are you gonna mess me over like the other guy did?" You think oh boy, this isn't starting well. Maybe I should tell this guy we're too busy to work with him. But hold the phone. Mr. Grouchy may be … [Continue reading]

Get FREE TV Coverage With a Camera Opportunity

TV loves photo opportunities. They particularly like action that makes for great video! For that reason I call them Camera Opportunities. Local TV has a big audience. Their evening newscasts are usually the most trusted news source in any city or … [Continue reading]

B2B or B2C — How They Differ

How is marketing to a business different from marketing to consumers? The basics are the same. You are looking for people who need a problem solved, a problem YOUR product, service, or idea can fix. In both B2B (business to business) and B2C … [Continue reading]

What to Put in Your Autoresponders

Mel writes this morning "I've got autoresponders and no idea what to put in them, what to put in the subject lines, what to put in the body." Don't feel alone Mel. Just about everybody with autoresponders wonders the same thing. So much so that … [Continue reading]

Do You Need an Ad Agency or Do It Yourself?

One of the questions I get most often is "how do I get my ads on TV?" The same goes for advertising your business in magazines, in newspapers, on cable TV, and on major sites. The easy way is to look up an Advertising Agency in your area and ask … [Continue reading]

10-30-60 Marketing Rule Tells How Much To Advertise

How much should your business spend on marketing? Where should you spend it and who should you target? Everybody who has been in business for a while has their own ideas about this, yet many of us could use a little guidance. Fortunately there is … [Continue reading]